Kitchen Design Trends For 2016 - Mobalpa Richmond

One of the most important aspects for our clients’ new kitchens is of course the design. Practicality is of course imperative – if you can’t work and cook in your kitchen then even the most innovative and daring designs will make the room redundant for all intents and purposes – but, nonetheless, having the most up-to-date kitchen is a high priority for many.

And that is the art of the kitchen designer, of course. Balancing substance with style is the craft, as well as being able to work and create within a given space.

Trends come and go. This is the internet age after all, and what was hot last year is not necessarily so trendy in 2015. With whole catalogues available online for anybody and everybody to browse through, staying ahead of the game and leading the way for innovation has never had to happen so urgently.

If you’re forking out for a brand new kitchen, then you of course are going to want it to be as modern as is possible.

The kitchen designs that have proven to be en vogue this year have had a tendency to place a large focus on few very specific factors. So let’s quickly recap exactly what they were/are, before we consider what is likely to be big in 2016.

2015 Trends

Social Areas

The kitchen is continuing to become the most important room in the house in terms of where homeowners, their children and their friends prefer to gather. This has meant that kitchens have actually become a lot bigger, with walls being knocked down and extensions being built to create the space for larger, airier kitchens.

Neutral Colours

Yes, long gone are the days of the bright funky yellows, oranges and multi-coloured tiling. In 2015 we have continued to see a rise in the preferences for greys, whites, blacks and soft creams. These neutral colours which have been dominating the palettes of designers over the past year have been perfect for accentuating little pockets brightness here and there, or for making those lime green, lipstick red or blood orange utensils stand out dramatically against the softer backdrop.

Warm Metals

Warm metals, of course, have surged in popularity all over the home, and the trend has not bypassed the kitchen. Copper, bronze and brass have found their calling in everything from taps to lighting to cupboard handles, with the good old copper pan making a bit of a comeback as well.

Kitchen Design Trends For 2016

The trends of 2015 will inevitably carry over somewhat to next year (the industry’s not that fickle, honestly). So social areas, neutral colours and warm metals will still prove to be popular in the forthcoming years.

However, with each new season there emerges a new set of initiatives and designs that kitchen designers will have been working hard to envisage and sell to the public and critics alike – and so we produce here the ones that we think will stand the test of time.

Open Shelving

Practicality is so important for the kitchen. The room is essentially a work station – albeit one that encompasses the staff room, kids’ playroom and often dining room all in one. But, be that as it may, it always pays to design a kitchen with a pragmatic mind frame – even when trying to break the mould.

Open shelving is perfect, as food items, especially if stored in kilner jars and the like, are at once decorative and practical. They personalise the space, making it feel warm and lived in, whilst also keeping the station functional and easy to use.


Yes, moving away from the neutral blacks, whites and greys, having wallpaper that wows is becoming hot. Adding interest and character to the most-used room in the house in the form of wallpaper we think will continue to prove popular into 2016.

Wallpaper is the perfect way to add a visual impact immediately as soon as someone sets foot in the room. Even if it’s just on a single wall, the juxtaposition of a neutral grey wall to a stunningly patterned blue wallpapered one can be simply stunning. You have the control with wallpaper to add an interesting layer of contrast to your otherwise simple and reserved colour palette.


The ceiling is the oft-forgotten component to the design of many interiors, but we predict that in 2016 this is set to change. Of course, when we enter a room, we don’t normally ‘look up’, but statement-making ceilings are coming, and they’re designed to make people do just that.

The trends will come in the forms of bulkheads, coffer ceilings, classic embellishments and lighting – but the fact will be that ceilings will start to form as part of a room’s beauty and design once more.

What design trends do you expect to see in 2016? We’d love to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.