How to Make Your Kitchen the Heart of Your Home

Kitchens sell houses. Every estate agent knows this fact and more and more homeowners are cottoning on to the idea as well. Many people spend significant amounts of money renovating and modernising their kitchens to not only add value to their property, but also to create a loving and warm space for family and friends to congregate in.

But why do people place so much value on the kitchen over the other rooms of the house? Well, it is because the kitchen is considered by many to be the beating heart of the home. Not only a place for preparing and serving food – the kitchen is the location where family meetings occur and household admin is carried out. Not only this, but according to legend, it is where you will find the most interesting people at parties.

So, what can you do to help enhance the humble kitchen’s standing as the most important muscle in the home’s body? Well, there are some great ideas out there and we would like to share a few of them with you.

Without further ado therefore, please let us present you with our top tips on how to make your kitchen the heart of your home.

A Lick of Paint

It is no secret amongst internal decorators that an out of date décor is often correlated with the reduced use of a room. Needless to say, if you are looking to enhance the use of the kitchen and make it into a room that people want to hang out in, then this simply will not do.

Therefore, you are going to want to spruce up your kitchen’s dated aesthetic and return it to being a place where you and your friends and family will enjoy spending time. This can be anything from a fresh colour scheme to new surfaces, units and/or tiles.

Rest your Weary Legs

It should go without saying that, if you want people to choose the kitchen over the living room as the hangout room de jour, you had better make sure that there are plenty of places to park one’s bottom.

Your available space will dictate just how much room you can devote to seating options, but there are an absolute ton of options available to you. The standard table and chairs is a good choice for meals and socialising, allowing everyone to sit around and face one another – perfect for an evening of playing cards or a board game.

Many kitchens nowadays have an island in the middle of the room, as a place to eat or additional prep space. Turn your island into a social space by putting lots of stools around it and enjoy the company of family and friends whilst you prepare your meals. You may even consider fold away seating if space is an issue, allowing you to repurpose your space depending on your current needs.

If you want to think outside of the box a little then you could even put a sofa in the kitchen. Maybe even consider a small television and you may just encourage the kids to give the living room or their bedrooms a break and come and hang with you in the kitchen.

See The Light

If you want people to congregate in a particular room then you want to make it as open and airy as possible. The best way to create this feeling is by incorporating as much natural light as possible.  

Stick a skylight or roof lantern in the ceiling and watch that beautiful natural light pour in. If you are a bit more restricted in the ways in which you can modify your room (if you rent for example) then return to our first tip and consider redecorating as your colour scheme will have a massive impact on the feel of the room.

Light and simple colours such as cream or magnolia combined with decent lighting will create a wonderful illusion of natural light throughout the room.

A Warm Heart

You want the room to be light and airy, sure. However, you also want the room to be warm and inviting for your guests and family. A large oven can help with this as it will fill the room with heat and take people back to that lovely cosy feel of the traditional family kitchen.

If you don’t want or need a new oven, then consider adding some underfloor heating. People will love walking around on the warm tiles and it will make the whole room significantly more inviting – and all at the touch of a button.


This one may seem obvious, but if people associate the kitchen with the wonderful aromas of freshly prepared and homely food, then it will help to cement its reputation as the heart of your home.

Consider adding a small herb garden to your kitchen to keep it smelling fantastic, even when you’re not cooking. Your sense of smell if the biggest trigger to your memory of all of your senses - leverage this power by making sure that your kitchen always smells great.

There you have our top tips for helping to encourage people to congregate in your kitchen instead of the other rooms of your house. Employ these techniques and you should help your humble kitchen become the beating life-force of your home.

Have fun.