How To Host The Perfect Christmas Cocktail Party

If there isn’t already enough seasonal merriment being thrown around at Christmas, then you can be sure to keep your friends and family topped up with the perfect Christmas cocktail party. 

Booze and Christmas go together like sprouts and turkey – and if you plan your party to land on the weekend just before Christmas when nobody’s got work to worry about for the next couple of weeks, then you can be sure that the right mood will be set for your guests. Your party will mark the true beginning of Christmas, and pave the way for great tidings of joy to follow right the way through until New Year. 

The most important thing, however, when planning your bash, is to ensure that you’ve prepared well enough so that you can enjoy the laughs and the banter as much as your guests. It will be a lovely sight, of course, to see all of your nearest and dearest gathered together, each swilling a festive cocktail with gay abandon, nibbling on the most delicious appetizers all the while. But creating such an atmosphere could all become quite stressful for you if you fail to plan ahead. 

Real parties are about enjoying yourself as much as pleasing your guests – after all, it’s Christmas for you, too!! 

How To Host The Perfect Christmas Cocktail Party


Keep Things Simple 

Simplicity is key to so many things – and your Christmas cocktail party is no exception. 

The first thing you will need to consider is your colour scheme. You need to pick one that is going to run right through from your decorations to your table flowers to your runners and napkins. Red and white are of course the most obvious choices for Christmas, but a festive spirit can also be forged from golds, slivers, purples and greens as well. You will of course have to think about how this will all fit in with the permanent décor of your home – if you’ve got green walls, for instance, then going for a green theme for your party might see everything get lost. 

Simplicity, however, is also key to great Christmas decorations as well. It can of course be rather garish to have your whole home literally dripping with baubles, tinsel, and goodness knows what else. It’s far better to just have three or four focal points in the main party room – think along the lines of a Christmas tree, the fireplace and the table setting. That should be more than ample to remind people that it’s Christmas without actually bashing them around the head with it. 

However, to get people in the spirit of things right from the outset, you should make sure that you hang a sumptuous Christmas wreath on your front door, with all the glitter, bells and whistles that you can find – and homemade, of course, will really add an element of class to the occasion. 


A party is often defined by its playlist, and the mood controlled by the DJ. Your guests may well be sick to death of Christmas songs, so don’t overdo it on these when you create your playlist. And think about the lighting, too. A party mood is of course always best set when the lights are dimmed. And, since it’s Christmas, you can do far worse than lighting a few candles – though it might be best to hold off on the scented variety though (except, perhaps, in the bathroom), as the smells of the food and the mulled wine will be a most pleasing aroma indeed. 

Food And Drink 

A cocktail party is not a dinner party, and so there’s no need to get a three course meal on the go. However, your guests will still expect a few nibbles to get their teeth into, and of course, to help mop up the alcohol. 

Now, since you will be enjoying the party atmosphere as well, you will of course want to choose a few bits that can be prepared well in advance. Christmas is the theme, and so think along the lines of mince pies, Christmas cake (cut into bite-sized squares), pigs in blankets and devils on horseback. 

As for drinks – mulled wine is an absolute must, or perhaps mulled cider or perry (pear cider) for a twist on the classic. Champagne, also, should be served to your guest upon arrival, and you will need to have a few jugs of an ice cold homemade cocktail ready to go in the fridge – something with cranberry or pomegranate, and brandy or sherry is pretty seasonal. 

For the designated drivers, make sure you mull some grape or apple juice as well, so no one goes home disappointed. 

Et voila – your perfect Christmas cocktail party is served. Now just sit back enjoy the laughs.