Extending Your Kitchen? How to Utilise Your New Space

So, you have gone through the whole process. You have battled with planning departments, tradespeople, and spent an enormous amount of time and money on planning, materials and finally on having the work carried out. Now you can finally sit back and gaze with pride upon your beautiful new and extended kitchen space.

But what next?

You have all of this new space available to you, but what on earth to do with it? Now, obviously you are going to want to have thought about this before you have the work carried out. After all it doesn’t make much sense to steam ahead with extensive building work without knowing what the purpose of the new space will be.

What sort of things do you want to be thinking about then, when planning your new extension? What new form and functionality options will increasing the available space in your kitchen open up to you?

Thankfully we are on hand to give you some of our suggestions for great ways in which to utilise your new kitchen extension.

Incorporating the Dining Room

This is quite an obvious one and is the reason why most people consider an extension in the first place.

There are so many benefits to bring the dining room and kitchen together.

First of all it will make the whole area much more open and welcoming. Instead of two smaller pokey rooms you can have one big open space that will seem lighter and airier. Not only this, but you will make the kitchen into a more social area where people can sit and interact, whether they are cooking, reading the paper, doing homework or anything else.

A kitchen/diner combo is a great way to establish your space as the heart of your home.

An Island

Kitchen islands are very much in fashion at the moment and with good reason. Not only can they look stylish and beautiful – but they can also add extra functionality to your space such as extra seating and dining space, storage, work surfaces or appliances.

There are thousands of materials, looks and functions to go for in a kitchen island, so you need to have a good think about what it is you want it to achieve.

If you need more seating for those social or family gatherings, then you can devote some of the space to a breakfast bar type setup with stools. If you want more space to prep your food then you’ll want big flat, tough surfaces and maybe a second sink or a waste disposal. You may also want a small fridge, so that regularly used ingredients are always close to hand.

It could be that you would like to install some appliances into the island, such as a dishwasher or a hob/oven. If this is the case (as with a waste disposal and sink discussed above) remember that you are going to need to supply utilities to the island. Rerouting water, gas and/or electricity is no mean feat (especially into the middle of a room) – so you make sure that you have everything planned out well.

Think Outside of the Box

There are a ton of obvious choices for ways in which to use your new extended space – from dining, to appliances, storage and workspace. And whilst these are all great and perfectly viable reasons for extending your kitchen – why not think of something a little more off the wall.

You could make your kitchen even more relaxing and welcoming for friends and family by having some comfortable seating available. As far as I know there is no law that says you cannot incorporate a living area into the kitchen. Get a sofa and maybe a television and turn your kitchen from somewhere simply to create and consume food into a true heart of the home.

Or how about a conservatory? By extending the kitchen into the garden and installing a conservatory you and your family and friends can enjoy tons of lovely natural light and al fresco style dining – no matter what the unpredictable British weather throws at you.

Maybe you are a single parent (or that you are in charge of the kids during cooking times)? I can speak from experience that it can be a pain trying to prepare a meal and keep an eye on little bundles of joy at the same time.

Why not use your new space therefore to create a little play area in the kitchen? You use play-pen fencing to cordon off an area and devote it to toys and activities to keep the little ones entertained whilst you get on with ensuring their nourishment.

Well, there are some of our top suggestions for utilising your brand new kitchen space. From the practical to the fun, there should be something here to get your creative juices flowing.

As always, please let us know if you have any great ideas for making the most of your space and get in touch if you are thinking about extending your kitchen.

Have fun.