“Rogue” Design – Embrace the Aesthetics of Eclecticism

Remember when the three piece suite was the be all and end all of living room decoration and any renovation focused on making sure that everything in a room matched perfectly? Well those days are somewhat behind us now, with many home adopting a more eclectic and varied design ethos.

Mismatched furniture and decoration is now very much in vogue and more and more designers are shooting for a more eclectic style.

This trend in interior design has been quite prevalent in living rooms for some time now. However it is a simple matter to change these sorts of rooms around if you are unhappy with the end result. This may be the reason why it is only relatively recently that these ideas have only recently started to show up in the rooms where serious money is spent on more permanent fixtures – such as the kitchen.

Could it be then that a perfectly matched kitchen design is soon to go the way of the dodo? The answer is – quite possibly. However, as the fashion for a more casual approach to kitchen design grows, more and more people are realising that there is nothing casual about making it work.

Join us therefore as we take you for a look at the new trend in rogue design and how to embrace the aesthetics of eclecticism when designing your new kitchen.

Beauty in Chaos?

Beauty is what we are going for here, but chaos is most definitely not. Although we are going for an eclectic style and do not want everything to be perfectly matched, this is not to say that we don’t want to maintain a sense of cohesiveness throughout.

The most successful eclectically designed kitchens work around a unified theme that has been very carefully planned out. You need to think about the overall mood that you want to communicate with your design and build up a list of concepts around that.

You mood board will consist of not only colours, but also materials, tiles, lighting etc. Carry out some research online or at your local showroom into which styles best put over the impression that you want to achieve. Your friendly Mobalpa designer will be well educated in the latest trends and colour schemes and will be more than happy to assist you with this.

Be cautious if you are thinking about mixing cabinet door styles, as this can be a risky endeavour. However, it can work if each unit of the kitchen has its own internal consistency. So, keep the island doors cohesive and the same with the wall and floor units respectively.

You can also achieve an eclectic style with natural wood units. Mix up the wood species in your units and you can create a striking eclectic style. One example is to use dark wood for the base units and a lighter one for the wall units – or vice versa.

You can even combine the materials on your work surfaces. Experiment with different stone and wood options to find a rustic combination that works. Also try adding unique and unusual details to your space, such as quirky door handles or a stone sink.

It’s All About You

Remember that eclectic design (as with any design) should be mainly about you. You want a space that says something about the sort of person that you are. If you are a cool and peaceful person then that is what you want your design to communicate. Likewise, if you are a somewhat more frantic and energetic personality. Maybe you like a mix of tradition and modernity? In which case you could have a classic range cooker, combined with modern appliances and gadgets.

Making sure that your spaces are in tune with your personality will not only ensure that you feel comfortable with it, but will also help to put a little of yourself over to guests and visitors.

So, that is rogue design in a nutshell. The word of the day is ‘experimentation,’ so get out there and start throwing together some different and unusual combinations to seewhat works. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to eclectic design, so feel free to pour yourself into it and really let your imagination go wild.

There is nothing to stop you consulting with a professional designer to make sure that everything is nice and cohesive, but the key is to make sure that the design is yours.

Have you embraced eclectic design in your kitchen? Please let us know what combinations you went with and whether or not you found something that really worked for you. On the flipside, please let us know if you have encountered any eclectic disasters – crazy combinations of styles that simply did not work.

Have fun.